Bible Course

The following are some free Bible lessons you can download. Each one has an accompanying worksheet to help review what you will learn.

Lesson 1: The Miracle of The Bible

This lesson will give an overview of how the Holy Bible was constructed and the means by which we possess this amazing collection of books today.

Lesson 2: Getting to Know God

This lesson will give an overview of who is the God of the Holy Bible.

Lesson 3: Israel – God’s People, God’s Land

Discover facts and promises made concerning the people God chose to be His peculiar treasure.

Lesson 4: Your Share in God’s Promises

Learn about the Hope of Israel, the true hope offered to those who choose to believe in the promises made by God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Lesson 5: The Kingdom of God on Earth

Learn about God’s plan and purpose to establish a divine kingdom on the earth, and set up His son, Jesus Christ, to be the king to sit on the throne promised to David.

Lesson 6: Bible Teaching about Redemption

Learn about Bible teaching regarding redemption and salvation through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, the High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek.

Lesson 7: After Death What?

This lesson will discuss the Bible’s answer to life after death along with the topic of the resurrection to occur at Christ’s second advent.

Lesson 8: Why Baptism Really Matters

This lesson will discuss the Bible teaching about Baptism and the necessity of the act to become part of the “seed” of Abraham and heirs according to the promise made to him.

Lesson 9: Who are the Christadelphians?

This final lesson will give an overview of who we are and what we believe.