Welcome to the
Houston Christadelphian Ecclesia
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We have several tools and aids to help you to explore more deeply the Truth of the Bible. The Holy Bible offers a hope to mankind for deliverance from the bondage of corruption, from sin, and from death.

Bible Literature

We have posted several booklets to assist with your own personal study of the Word of God. Feel free to download or print for your own use.


Bible Course

Take our free Bible course to get you going on doing your own Bible study. There are worksheets you can use to test your knowledge of the Bible and the course material.


Daily Bible Readings

Ever struggle to keep reading the Bible on a daily basis? Want to finish reading the entire Bible in one year? Check out our Bible Reading Planner!


What We Believe

Read through our Statement of Faith, along with the Commandments of Christ and other material to find out what we believe as a community of followers of Jesus Christ.


Library Books

We have several paper books for sale. Check out our library shelf listing and order just by sending us an e-mail for any books you would like to purchase.


About Us

Learn more about where we meet and our global community. You can search for Christadelphian meetings in your area of the world.


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